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I'll tell you an experience of myself happened last week. Last Thursday our school was tackling something about working for study. i wanted to have a try even though i knew the salary was so low and i had little chance,because the students who had the certificate were always thought to have priority to get the job. fortunately i was called at noon and a teacher said to me that she wanted me to work for her and asked if i could change my mind. at that moment i was so excited that immediately i accepted her idea. but later on,she found me that i'm not a student,so i had little chance and suggest me to get one. then an idea occurred to me that i could call my father and ask him to send me the letter. at the same time i was told that i was admitted to the job and don't need the certificate. that time i forgot to remind my father,until the next day he called me that he had posted it and it would arrive in just one day. at that moment i was moved, and even moved into tears, because i knew my father was injured not long before,the process of helping me with the affairs was not so convenient for him. but he tried his best to help me. sometimes we may complain about unsatisfying things around us,and blame them on our parents,sometimes they'll be angry with us, and sometimes we can't quite understand what they are thinking about. but on balance, almost every parent is selfless to his or her child. they are ready to offer everything to us when we are in bad situation. we used to sharing sorrow with them,but do not forget to share our happiness with them, perhaps they will be much happier than we are. so from now on, let's care more about our parents and do not leave pity to them. that's what i want to tell you today. thank you!


As you slowly open your eyes, look around, notice where the light comes into your room; listen carefully, see if there are new sounds you can recognize; feel with your body and spirit, and see if you can sense the freshness in the air.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s a new day, it’s a different day, and it’s a bright day! And most importantly, it’s a new beginning for your life, a beginning where you are going to make new decisions, take new actions, make new friends, and take your life to a totally unprecedented(空前的) level.

In your mind’s eye, you can see clearly the things you want to have, the paces you intend to go, the relationships you desire to develop, and the positions you aspire(励志) to reach.

You can hear your laughters of joy and happiness on the day when everything happens as you dream. You can see the smiles on the people around you when the magic moment strikes. You can feel your face is getting red, your heart is beating fast, and your blood is rushing all over your body, to every single corner of your being!

You know all this is real as long as you are confident, passionate and committed!(效忠的) And you are confident, you are passionate, you are committed!

You will no longer fear making new sounds, showing new facial expressions, using your body in new ways, approaching new people, and asking new questions.

You will live every single day of your life with absolute passion, and you will show your passion through the words you speak and the actions you take.

You will focus all your time and effort on the most important goals of your life. You will never succumb(屈服,屈从) to challenges of hardships.

You will never waver(动摇) in your pursuit of excellence. After all, you are the best, and you deserve the best!

As your coach and friend, I can assure you the door to all the best things in the world will open to you, but the key to that door is in your hand. You must do your part. You must faithfully follow the plans you make andtake the actions you plan; you must never quit and you must never fear. I know you must do it, you can do it, you will do it, and you will succeed! Now stand firm and tall, make a fist, get excited, and yell it out:

I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed!



My dear friends,Do you know what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world ?Money?You may lose everything you have if you don't use money carefull enough.Youth?In one's long life youth is like a flash in the pan and no one in the world has the secret to keep his youth forever.Beautiful look?Many people pray that they can get hold of beauty,but it disappears far more quickly than they can imagine.And when they are in real trouble beauty itself feels helpless.A good job?As you grow older and your brain and hands can't work as fast as before.It will become other people's wealth.

Then what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world?

When you are far away from your family and feel especially lonely,Who will you think of?When you stand on the crossoad in your life and don't know which way to choose,who will you think of?When you encounter greater difficulties than ever and need other's encouragement,who will you think of?When you decide to make the greatest decision in your favorite course,who shed cheerful tears when see you get achievements?Whose wholehearted blessing will be always with you no matter how far you will go?

Yes,it's mother who you will always think of and it's mother's love that willbe always be with you.

I once heard a moving story about a mother.Two childrens were drawn into the flood and the situations was very dangerous.Their mother jumped into the water without hesitation.But the mother couldn't swim at all.Jumping into the water means she might lose her life.But at that time she had no time to think about herself.She just wanted to try all means to save her children.Maybe her courage touched the God.The miracle happened.She finally succeeded in saving her both children.And she,of course,felt extremely exhausted.

My friends,mother's love is the greatest love.Mother's love is the safest love.No matter you are happy or depressed ,rich or poor ,mother's love will always stay with you.


The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day. What did you do on that day? Made a phone call to her, or sent a present? Since most of us are far from hometown, we almost can do nothing but to call mother and tell her we love her.

First, let me tell you what famous people said about their mothers.

Abraham Lincoln said,"All that I'm or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." George Washington said,"My mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. All I'm I owe to my mother. I'ttribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." Andrew Jackson said,"There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness. The memory of my mother and her teaching were, after all, the only capital I had to start life with, and on that capital I have made my way." Charles Chaplin said," It seems to me that my mother was the most splendid woman I ever know. I have met a lot of people knocking around the world since, but I have never met a more thoroughly refined woman than my mother. If I have amounted to anything, it will be due to her. "

Then, I have a question. What's the position of your mother in your heart? An intimate friend? A respectful parent? Or just a financial supportor? When I was young, I told my mother whatever I had experienced. Then I grew up. I had my own personal secrets. I thought that mother would not understand what an adolescent thought about. But mother still accmpanied me through rainy and shining days. So I realized that mother is a woman who is always beside me and supporting me, and mother is an angel who gives me love care no matter how old I'm, what I will be, and where I can go.

A good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. Please learn from her. As Jewish proverb says," God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. " Mother is our angel given by god. Please love her despite of aging. I stand here in honor of Mother's Day. I say love to you in honor of the angel.

Thank you!


A man, she will always occupy the most flexibility in your mind where you would like to use his life to love her; have a love, it allows you to request indiscriminately, to enjoy, but do not want you any return ... ... The man, called " mother ", a love, called" Motherhood "!

May 11 is Mother's Day, is our hearts forget the most difficult days. This festival is a mother's praise and praise, is to remind us always remember: Thanksgiving our mother.

Mothers give us life experience, we are grateful; mother so that we grow, our gratitude; mother's education and guidance given to us so that we gain knowledge and strength, and we appreciate; in our life, there are always difficulties and setbacks the mother to care and help us, we should be grateful.

Thanksgiving is one of love, conscience, kindness, sense of responsibility and loyalty to the overall performance. Difficult to imagine an endured sufferings did not support their parents grew up in filial piety, I wonder if in return, the teacher, students did not love and respect I do not know who his future with the company, what his country to assume responsibility? A non-patriotic, do not like home, people who do not love others, how can dedicated to building the motherland tomorrow?

Ad wrote that little boy for his mother's feet moving pieces can be in real life, and whether every child can take it? "En when the water drop to Yongquan of" We may sometimes point people will care a strange obsession, but then turn a blind eye mother's love and hate her nagging, or because of some small on the big fat (from the document about ) Thunder ... ... However, the mother has always supported us in the side of the quiet, patient education, enlighten us and give us support and encouragement.

Mother as pure as jade, ivory carving as fine, by the water of life, maternal brewing pure and fragrant. We should cherish a grateful heart to hear her mother's nagging, sincere mother's stern face, understanding the inner world of the mother as the sun ... ...

Let us from now on, the mother from the beginning of filial piety, Society Thanksgiving! Let us remember that the world shared his mother's birthday, for his mother wash feet, pounding a hammer for her hard work in the back, his mother a warm hug, a warm blessing, a look of grateful smiles! Life in China, original Pham Van Park

In this warm day, I wish all mothers in the whole world - Happy Mother's Day! A bunch of carnations, a "Mother, you worked hard," can make the mother's cheek re-blossoming bright smile! Let us a little more attentive and caring mother, mother and filling our home with happineand harmony, then we welcome a real grown up!






First I want to ask you some questions:

1、 Do you know what is youth?

2、 How do you master your youth?




 Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind ; it is not rosy cheeks , red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the emotions : it is the freshness ; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life .

    Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite , for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of  20 . Nobody grows old merely by a number of  years . We grow old by deserting our ideals.

    Years wrinkle the skin , but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul . Worry , fear , self –distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust .

    Whether 60 of 16 , there is in every human being ‘s heart the lure of wonders, the unfailing childlike appetite of what’s next and the joy of the game of living . In the center of your heart and my heart there’s a wireless station : so long as it receives messages of beauty , hope ,cheer, courage and power from men and from the infinite, so long as you are young .

    When the aerials are down , and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old ,even at 20 , but as long as your aerials are up ,to catch waves of optimism , there is hope you may die young at 80.

Thank you!











选择与放弃演讲稿英文1When we encourage people, we will always tell them not to give up, they canbe successful if they insist.“Never give up” have been the inspiring words,people accept them as the positive life attitude.However, sometimes if peopleinsist all the time and never change, these inspiring words are not wise tokeep.

People should learn to give up sometimes.Parents think study is veryimportant, so they ask their kids to insist to learn and go to college.But thefact is that not all the kids are good at study, some kids are not interested instudy, they are good at other things.Parents should not push their children togo to college, the kids can learn the things they are good at, like cooking,amending cars and so on.Going to college is not the only way to be successful,learning the practical skills also makes them successful.

People must know clearly what they are insisting, if they keep the rightdirection, they should insist, but if they keep the wrong direction, they needto give up and open another new chapter of their lives.




选择与放弃演讲稿英文2There is a saying said that don t give up forever.When I was a child,myteachers often told that don t give up,and the hope was always there.

Whenever we meet with a problem,however hard the problem is,we shouldn tstop our work.We must have a faith that the most beautiful view will come inafter the most high hill.There are also many examples,such as Zhang Haidi,ZhengZHihua,Helen Keller and so on,they all had a bad life,but they all successed bytheir efforts.

In a word,if we have dreams,we should do our best to come true ourdreams,we shouldn t give up!

选择与放弃演讲稿英文3We often hear people say, “Never give up.” These can be encouraging wordsand words of determination.A person who believes in them will keep trying toreach his goal no matter how many times he fails.In my opinion, the quality ofdetermination to succeed is an important one to have.Therefore, I believe thatwe should never give up.

One reason is that if we give up too easily, we will rarely achieveanything.It is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at somethingnew, so we should not feel discouraged and should try again.Besides, if wealways give up when we fail, we will not be able to develop new skills and growas people.Another reason we should never give up is that we can learn from ourmistakes only if we make a new effort.If we do not try again, the lesson wehave learned is wasted.Finally, we should never give up because as we work toreach our goals, we develop confidence, and this confidence can help us succeedin other areas of our lives.If we never challenge ourselves, we will begin todoubt our abilities.

In short, it is important that we do not give up when working for ourgoals.Whether we succeed in the end or not, we will learn something, and whatwe learn will help us to become better, more confident people.Furthermore, ifwe give up, we have non chance of attaining our goals, but if we keep trying,there is always a chance that we will succeed one day.




选择与放弃演讲稿英文4Hello, everyone! I’m glad to stand here to share my opinions with you.

At first, I want to tell a story about me.When I was twelve years old,there was a sports meeting in my school.And I was asked to take part in thehigh jump competition.I was afraid because I had never jumped.But my dad toldme, “Don’t worry, I will help you.” Then he started to train me.At thebeginning, I couldn’t skip the pole of 1.1m.I was so disappointed that I wantedto give up.At this time, my dad said, “Don’t give up!” So I tried my bestagain, then I skipped the pole.And at the competition, I got the bronzemedal.

Chekhov said, "If fate bullies you cruelly, you don't have to beg him formercy, kowtow at him, but look down on it, laugh at it, or it will laugh atyou." This is the topic I want to talk about: "Never give up!"

If you never give up, you can visit the magical land.

If you never give up, you can climb the lofty mountain.

If you never give up, you can roam the vast ocean.

If you never give up, you can support the blue sky.

If you never give up, you can draw a beautiful picture.

I believe that the attitude is the key to success.If someone can nevergive up, it can be said he is half successful, This is why we should never giveup.But as far as I know, only few people are able to do this.It’s really apity.

So how to do that? In my opinion, firstly, we should be confident enough.With the self-confidence, we will get the courage and perseverance to persist.So how to be confident? Just like Jobs said, "Confidence comes from theself-discipline.You should learn how to restrain yourself at first, and followa strict schedule, then you can little by little build your self-confidence fromthe self- discipline.Confidence is the ability to control things.If you can'teven control the time, what else can you say about the self-confidence?

Secondly, stay hungry, stay foolish.That means you should keep an openmind and keep learning, fill your mind with knowledge.We must keep challengingourselves so that we can improve ourselves.Only in this way, when we face thedifficulty, we can be well prepared to fight with it and beat it!

Finally, when we are in trouble, we may also need some help, such as ourparents' support, friends' care and so on, so we can have the power to forgeahead.

In a few words, we must strive to achieve our dreams.In this way, whetherwe succeed or not, we will learn something, and it will help us become a betterone.

At last, remember that, the effort may not make you succeed, but withoutthe effort, there is no chance for you to be successful.Moreover, if we nevergive up, we will get the chance one day and get success.At the time of death,we can say proudly, ”we never give up!”

选择与放弃演讲稿英文5there is a saying said that don't give up forever.when i was a child,myteachers often told that don't give up,and the hope was always there.

whenever we meet with a problem,however hard the problem is,we shouldn'tstop our work.we must have a faith that the most beautiful view will come inafter the most high hill.there are also many examples,such as zhang haidi,zhengzhihua,helen keller and so on,they all had a bad life,but they all successed bytheir efforts.